stone creek camp

one of the new posts over at ShockBlast, titled dwelling house, is a photo spread of a home in Bigfork, Montana.

image courtesy of andersson wise architects

designed by andersson wise architects, “Stone Creek Camp is situated on the flanks of a long hill, leading visitors into a gradual discovery of the site…framing a view of the land, sky and lake.”

image courtesy of andersson wise architects

image courtesy of andersson wise architects

image courtesy of andersson wise architects

the lake view elevation of this home is amazing. the use of wood framed windows, rough concrete forms and copper flashing is extremely warm, open and inviting.

my one critique is on the choice of materials once entering the home. the available photos show a very heavy and oppressive interior with the use of dark woods and heavy, contrasting stone. the facade facing up the hill is also very confrontational in its mass and scale. I’m sure this was an intentional decision to make the home more about the view to the lake and sky, but the rock strewn depression that the home sits in could have made for a very interesting and pleasing space incorporated into the home rather than segregated by these massive wall volumes.

personally, I’d have made different choices with this site, but I’m sure the home owners are more than pleased with their rustic-modern Montana home.


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