oh no…not again! part I

an article I came across today on housingwatch.com talks about a possible resurgence in the “McMansion”…and all I can think is “oh no, not again!”

First, why would you WANT a McMansion, loosely defined as a mass produced home over 3,000 sf with no clear architectural style (mostly because the guy who “designed” it used magazine clippings from Architectural Digest and elmer’s glue to put together the exterior elevations)?  I mean, unless you just can’t keep your hands off your wife and have 19 kids like the Duggers or want nothing more than to have your kids as far from you as possible but still be under the same roof, what the hell are you gonna do with all the extra “space” that is offered in a typical McMansion design (i’m using the term “design” very loosely in this post)?  The conclusion to the article states, “some buyers will always want big. In the future, the McMansion — or a new version thereof, with energy-efficient appliances and perhaps minus the turrets — might make a post-recession comeback of sorts, once buyers (especially first-timers ready to move up) feel more confident.”

I gotta jump all over this one.  The audacity of marketers to even try and slap the “energy efficient” logo onto any 4 bedroom home of more than 3,000 sf is such a slap in the face to anyone truly concerned with reducing commercial energy dependence.  I mean seriously, who are they kidding?  It doesn’t matter how “energy efficient” the microwave and toaster are.  You’ve still got to heat and cool all that square footage, my man!  And no matter how good your HVAC system, it’s still gonna cost you big time.

Thank God there is a shift in residential tastes being spearheaded by those of my generation (25-35) for smaller more energy efficient homes.  Even those who are just starting a family are learning that “bigger” is not always “better”.

As the real estate market continues to tank and would-be home buyers are realizing that they can live better with less, architects and builders need to step up and get off the “super-sized” bandwagon.


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