in 2003 I graduated from college and in 2004 I got my first internship with a medium sized commercial firm in Jacksonville, Florida. I soon discovered that 5 years worth of education and a Masters degree in Architecture don’t really mean much in the real world practice of Architecture. I still held on to my grand utopian ideals about how architecture has the power to change the way we experience and view the world, blah blah blah….yeah, I’m that guy.

so, after a little less than a year, I moved to Northern Virginia to what I thought was going to be a step up, but turned out to be another lesson in how developers suck and seem to exist only to perpetuate crap architecture for the unsuspecting and uninformed masses.

after less than a year of that, I moved back to Jacksonville and began really paying attention to how the business of architecture works and did my best to merge that with my grand utopian ideals for changing the world, yadda, yadda, yadda.

today, I’m still working in Jacksonville, trying to finish my exams and attempt to stay engaged in design and the changing face of architecture in the 21st century.

the blog

this blog is dedicated to all things architecture, design and funktastic-ness. if I see it, smell it, hear it or touch it, most likely you’ll see it here for worldwide consumption. while I try to keep on target with posts related to the above mentioned subjects, occasionally I may get sidetracked on some alternate tangent of political or social ranting (maybe more than occasionally with upcoming midterm elections).

stay tuned cause we gonna blow the roof off dis mutha!


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  • dori

    OMG! “Bitchin Architecture” name came to mind – I entered it in the search engine- and AHHHHH, here I am – reading this page. I would be glad to see some of your work if you don’t mind. I’m to an achitect student which just completed my AA. Kudos!!!!

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